Thomas Luke

The Critical Spirit

A basic tongue isn’t a blessing from the Holy Spirit nor is tattle, deceiving somebody’s certainty, mockery, defame, disregarding a certainty, an absence of limits or an absence of poise. It’s critical to take each idea hostage to the compliance of Christ, 2 Corinthians 10:5. The Bible advises us to turn into an encourager of …

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Clement of Rome

The significance of Clement of Rome was to guide through the messages detailing the what was right and pointing out what was wrong with the church. The purpose of these communications was to bring forth God’s requirements for mankind and to bridge the gap and separation that existed prior to the advent of Christ Jesus. …

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Life of Athanasius

Athanasius was a Christian hero that fought to preserve the teachings of the Trinity and the Incarnation. He is considered a Church Father, major defender of the Trinity and an important historical figure in the history of Christianity. He is a great man of faith that the work of God’s plan continues to triumph through …

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Thomas Aquinas

Observation The great medieval philosopher Thomas Aquinas is considered the best source of fundamental Christian doctrine. His contribution to the advancement of God’s ministry is monumental. As a gifted teacher, preacher, and theologian, his writings show the diverse knowledge of ethics, morals, and politics. Thomas’s teachings treat sacred doctrine as a single discipline and embraces …

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