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“In order to pay for production costs, airtime and video on demand, the show provides different advertising platforms. This is just one of the way’s that the show supports itself. Without the generous support of donors, sponsors and advertisers like you, there wouldn’t be a Rev Luke Show.

Thank you for your support.”
Rev. Thomas Luke Foot-washer (John 13:5)

The NOW Television Network | Christian TV | United States
The NOW Television Network broadcasts the Gospel of Jesus Christ to over 236 Million Homes in the US, Sub-Saharan Africa, and Western Europe on Satellite.

Featured Website Banner Placement $450 annual cost
TV Show Banner Placement $750 annual cost 

We will not accept banners that are not professionally designed. Banner Size Should be 1000px width and 417px height.
If you need an affordable graphic designer, you may contact the official graphic designer for The Rev Luke Show, named Arifa Nawaz If you need an affordable website, you may contact the official website developer for The Rev Luke Show, named Freelancer Rakib

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